Southern Roots Luncheon

Thursday, September 28th

12:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Location: Grand Ocean Terrace


What Makes a Great Leader? Questions We Should Be Asking

Great Leaders have been described in a variety of ways throughout history…

  • Great Leaders never stop learning; they never fail to ask other leaders questions about leadership.
  • Great Leaders are hungry; they want to grow.
  • Great Leaders know they cannot lead by themselves.

We cordially invite you to our Southern Roots Luncheon to hear conversation led by Teri Miller and the following panelists: Sabrina Pokomandy, Stephanie Hilton, Nicole Hulstein and Kelly Dietz.

Teri Miller

Sabrina Pokomandy

Stephanie Hilton

Nicole Hulstein

Kelly Dietz

You will then have the opportunity to converse with your tablemates, sharing your own trials and triumphs. This type of session is exactly what Southern Roots is all about – making meaningful connections among women working in the produce industry by sharing values, contributions, and experiences, providing an opportunity to improve leadership skills both individually and collectively.